Saturday, September 22, 2012

Midwifery? Why? Part 3

Today we have one last midwifery testimony. Krystal was a friend from college and when I was exploring different options, she gave me some great advice about her experience. I asked her to give you her testimony. Here it is...
AdamandKrystal HonMy experience with Midwifery has been an amazing one. My husband and I decided to go with a homebirth with our first child after many hours of praying and talking to people who had had a homebirth. I admit I was nervous about the whole idea thinking that nobody, especially in my generation, did this anymore! But, I was surprised to find out that, in fact, it's getting more and more popular with girls my age. It wasn't until after meeting with a homebirth midwife when I was about 15 weeks along, that we decided this was for us. Our meeting/consultation with her was just what we needed to help us decide. I think the key to having a successful homebirth is most definitely the midwife, herself. She was so experienced and confident about helping me give birth that it put me at ease and I knew I could trust her.

   One of the things I loved most about my monthly appointments with her was that they were an hour long and we were able to get to know her personally, which helped our trust of her to safely deliver our baby and more importantly to know if we needed to go to the hospital in case of an emergency. I also love the fact that a homebirth midwife is "all natural" and lets your body do what it was made to do. There are no synthetic drugs involved and you have to stay on a healthy diet plan because that is the cause of many complications in this day and time.

  As for the birth, I had a (very) healthy 10lb baby girl!:) I had two midwives at our daughters birth because it was my first time and I cant say enough about how awesome it was to see them work together. My labor and delivery was about 16 hours long. I can say without a doubt, if I would have been in a hospital I would have had to have a c-section because hospitals do not like long deliveries. But, because my midwives were full of natural ideas and were determined (there being no stress or problems with the baby) I was able to deliver naturally.

I know that homebirths are not for everyone, but I had a very good experience with mine and just love my midwife. We are expecting our 2nd child now and will most definitely have a homebirth again.
Thanks Again Krystal! If you would like to read the other testimonies, click the following links: Midwifery? Why? Part 2 AND Midwifery? Why? Part 1 Remember friends, you have options. Explore them. - rejoicing in the present

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