Monday, August 4, 2014

Update on our Journey with T

Recently we went to a pediatric orthopedic surgeon to find out what could be done for "T" and her polydactyly. He quickly surmised the situation and realized that he would need to do surgery. We found out that there are some more things going on then we realized. This once again has to do with the way her bones developed in the womb. But it's nothing that they can't take care of. 

In October, "T" will have a follow up and x-rays and then her surgery will be scheduled for November or December. I know her surgery is months away but please keep these prayer requests on your heart. Thank you.

  1. Please pray that God will give us peace and the doctor's wisdom when performing the surgery.
  2. Please pray that "T" will not react badly to the anesthesia.
  3. Please pray for strength for her and healing as well when she goes through this surgery.
  4. Please pray that God gets the ultimate glory
Rejoicing in the Present

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