Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Grains of Sand

Isn't God amazing!!!! This is sand. Yep, you're looking at sand. This picture is the sand from a beach in Maui. Dr. Greenburg invented a microscope that can see grains of sand and this is what he sees every day. In fact here is a little bit about Dr. Greenburg...

From sandgrain...

"Originally a photographer and filmmaker, at the age of 33 he moved from Los Angeles to London to earn a Ph.D. in biomedical research from University College London. Dr. Greenberg was an Assistant Professor at the University of Southern California during the 1980’s. During the 1990’s he invented and developed high-definition, three-dimensional light microscopes, for which he was issued eighteen US patents.

Since 2001, Dr. Greenberg focuses his microscopes on common objects, such as grains of sand, flowers, and food. These everyday objects take on a new reality when magnified hundreds of times, revealing hidden and unexpected aspects of nature"

We have an awesome God who even made the sand that we walk on to be beautiful and unique in it's own way. 

This is like life. Our life is so full of people. After a while when we look out, they all start looking the same. They are just people, but this is where we must stop. We must ask God to give us ears to really hear the hearts of people. Eyes, to see the needs. Hearts that are tender. Get out your God-given microscope and see the beauty and uniqueness in people. Ask God to give you love for these. He cared enough to create them and then send His Son to save them. Do we see them? Do we really see them? 

God is so great. God is so good! Thank you for using sand to remind us of your amazing awesomeness. - Rejoicing in the Present

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