Friday, August 22, 2014

Dryer Revamp

I love my washer and dryer. In fact, they are dear to me because of the sacrifice that was made by my husband. Jer DOES NOT like Black Friday.  When we were first married, he woke up around 1AM to wait in line at Sears to get us a GREAT deal on the set. 

So it was a sad day when I noticed the top of my dryer was rusting. Why, you ask? I would use the top as a shelf and the bleach that was sitting there would spill out. Over the years, it ate away at the top. So my nice dryer soon had a very rusty old look on top. It's a good dryer-- it just has an ugly look. :-) 

So when I saw that you could paint your dryer I jumped on the idea and did it! I made a chalkboard on top. YEP! I really did it and it turned out pretty cute.

What did I use?

  1. Ultra-cover Rustoleum Primer 
  2. Chalkboard Spray Paint
  3. Glaze
  4. My Dryer
  5. Painters Tape (though next time I would probably use packaging tape or Duck Tape)
What did I do?
  1. First I outlined my dryer with paper and painters tape  (the painters tape didn't work very well so I would encourage you to use a stickier tape)
  2. Next I sprayed a coat of primer and let it dry
  3. Then I sprayed a couple coats of Chalkboard Paint
  4. Finally after that was dry, I sprayed a coat of clear glaze. 
  5. When it was all dried and done, I wrote my laundry schedule and a couple of encouraging phrases on my chalkboard
It's definitely not perfect, but perfect for me. :-). You can actually paint the whole washer and dryer. Check out the ideas on Pinterest. - Rejoicing in the Present

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