Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Teen Activity: Photo Scavenger Hunt

Here is a great idea for a birthday party, family activity or teen activity.  My husband and I work with children and teens at our church so we have lots of random ideas.  This is always a favorite with the kids.  All you need is a little creativity and craziness.

What you need:
  • Different teams (depending on how many kids you have)
  • Camera
  • 1 adult leader per team (also must drive)
  • Kids
  • List of things they must do
  • A time limit

What you do:
  • The point of this game is to earn the most points by taking pictures of you doing crazy things.
  • Each team gets about 1 ½ hours to run around town taking pictures of whatever is on your list.
  • Different pictures are worth different amounts of points
This can be A LOT of fun and a bit crazy.

Ideas for your List:
  • (Team) Spell out your team leaders name (300 Points)
  • 1 person standing on their head (100 Points per person)
  • A group of trees that spell, W, V, T (100 points per letter)
  • Holding up a police officer  (700 points)
  • (Team) Making Snow Angels in a store (400)
  • (Team) Swinging at a local park (200)
  • (Team) Silly Faces in a Mirror (300)
  • Jumping in the air (300)
  • Standing on top of a car (300)
  • Spell out YMCA in front of the YMCA
(Team = The whole team must be in the picture except for the leader)

  • Picture of a person with the longest hair (500)
  • Weirdest Picture (500)
  • Funniest Picture (500)
  • Farthest Distance you had to go to get the picture (500)
  • How could you do that? Picture (500)
  • Ugliest Animal Picture (500)
These are just a few ideas... if you have some other suggestions, please feel free to leave your ideas in the comments below. - Rejoicing in the Present

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