Friday, October 25, 2013

jbw Pocono Vaca 2013 - Eating

We had some great eating on a trip.  A two of our favorites were...

Photo: Lombardi's. Famous pizza in little italy NYCLombardi's Pizza: I didn't get the pleasure of eating there but my dad, husband and grandma did. They ranted and raved about how delicious it was.  Both guys said that it was the best pizza they had ever eaten and that it was all in the sauce.  So if you get a chance to visit New York City, go by Lombardi's and pick up a pizza!

Alaska Pete's: My mom and I discovered this grill, situated 2 miles down the road from our timeshare, on Wednesday while the others were in NYC. I fell in love with their New York strip steak.  It was soooooo yummy that we had to take the others back on Thursday.  They really liked it as well.  So if you like good steak and seafood and are in the Poconos drop by Alaska Pete's.

There are lots of good bites in the area but you have to drive a bit as they are spread out.  Yum Yum Good! - Rejoicing in the Present

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