Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Pocono Vaca 2013 - BEAUTY!

We just got back from our vacation to the Poconos in Pennsylvania.  It was soooooooo beautiful.  A friend gave us the place for a week and we invited my parents to join us.  It was such a wonderful time!

On that note, there was a drawback.  We drove.  My husband and I said after the fact. "NEVER AGAIN".  Never again, will we drive.  We left early morning, at 6AM, and didn't return home until 2AM. We didn't stop except for gas or food. So, I would suggest if you live a distance from PA, don't drive, FLY!!!

But on a good note, it was soooooooooo beautiful.  I grew up farther north and, since moving south, I have missed the changing of the leaves.  The beauty was out of this world.  It looked almost fake it was sooo pretty.  I would definitely encourage every one to visit in October and especially on the weekends.  They have fall festivals almost every weekend in October.

We also got to visit a cute little town in PA named Jim Thorpe and to bike through the area.  It was refreshing and beautiful; afterwards we enjoyed ice cream at a quaint little sweet shop.

Plan to visit!  It's so beautiful and lots of fun.  This whole week I am going to tell you about our trip and different places we visited.  I hope this will encourage you to visit as well. - Rejoicing in the Present

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