Friday, October 4, 2013

It's a date

My husband and I are very blessed with everything God has given us.  Being in the ministry, God provides for all our needs.  I'm super blessed that the income my husband earns covers our bills; but there are not always extras, so dates have to be creative. Here are some cute FREE date ideas:

  1. Star Gazing
    1. Take some blankets a few drinks and go on hike. Then when you have reached that beautiful spot, spread the blankets and sit down and enjoy the stars 
    2. OR grab a blanket and climb on your roof. :-) The stars are beautiful up there
  2. Game Night  
    1. Grab some card games or your favorite board game and enjoy some fun together.
  3. Free Entertainment 
    1. OUTDOOR CONCERTS: Take a stroll downtown or to a local strip mall. Check around for street performers (especially on the weekends)
    2. OPEN Mic: Some coffee houses have poetry reading, stand-up comedy and so on
    3. ART SHOW: Many city's have free art displays
  4. For Pet lovers
    1. Take your dog/s to a dog park and enjoy time, while you watch your little one frolic
    2. Browse the area pound or pet shop and give some animals your love
    3. Volunteer at a pet shelter
  5. Be a kid again
    1. Go to the park and swing. Enjoy being together.
  6. For the athletic couple
    1. Grab some tennis rackets and head to the tennis courts
    2. For that matter, you can enjoy basketball, soccer or catch. You just need the equipment
    3. Go on a bike ride.
    4. Play frisbee
    5. Go fly a kite (you can buy these at the dollar store)
  7. Movie Night
    1. Make some popcorn and enjoy cuddling up with your hubby on the couch
  8. Beach
    1. Go to the beach. Check it out ahead of time, but some beaches are free
    2. Take a walk, have a stone-skipping contest...
  9. Free Zoo Days
    1. Most zoo's offer a few free days through out the year
  10. Attend a Farmer Market
    1. See what is growing in the area. Check out the locals
  11. Go for a test drive
    1. Go check out your dream car and give it a spin.
  12. Winter Dates
    1. Go sledding, skiing or snowboarding
    2. Afterwards you can warm up with some hot chocolate or coffee
  13. Photo Shoot
    1. Enjoy a fun night of taking pictures of each other and together. You can make up lots of crazy backgrounds and costumes
    1. One man's trash is another man's treasure. Try to find a cheap treasure and then take it home and redo it for your house. 
Do you have any ideas? Comment below and add your ideas. - Rejoicing in the present

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