Thursday, September 26, 2013

Baby Play

Development of play in babies, oh. so. important.  Here are a ton of activities for your infants

If you have a baby/toddler, here are some helpful tips and ideas on what he/she should be learning. Thanks to - rejoicing in the present 

Play Development
  1. Building Blocks
  2. Help your child experience different textures with a collection of brushes. 
  3. Play with mirrors.
  4. Blowing bubbles
  5. Play fetch. 
  6. Jiggle and Bounce. 

Infant Play Activities

Baby Sensory
  1.  Play with large dried pasta noodles.
  2. Make a “chewable” sensory bin for your baby using old hair scrunchies.
  3. Make music Look in your recycle bin, look for any cardboard tubes, old formula cans, an empty tin, cover it and allow your children to explore sounds as they bang with a variety of objects.
  4. Help their vocabularies by singing rhymes with your infant.
  5. Stick your tongue out at your newborn, they will start sticking it back at you. 

Baby Games

  1. Infants and babies love to be surprised.  Think of ways you can pleasantly surprise your child – you can come up behind them and give them a kiss, or peek your head out of a door at them.  My infant loves to have us blow raspberries on his belly.
  2. Pick up pom-poms and drop them down a tube. 
  3. Water: splash water in a bowl
  4.  Give your child a box of straws and a colander. Have them thread the straws through the holes of the colander.
  5. Play chase with your baby. 
  6. Help your child learn to identify body parts by touching their eyes, or nose, or toes and saying what they are.  Help your child touch your body “parts” and identify them.

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