Thursday, September 5, 2013

Strong Willed Children

 My baby is strong willed! I don't know where he got that?  *Laugh Cough Cough* Because both of his parents don't seem to have an extra amount of stubbornness. :-)  I listened to this podcast before I had Baby A, but now seems like a wonderful time to listen to it again.  I think you will enjoy it if you too have a child with a strong personality.

Surviving the Strong Willed Child - Part 1

Surviving the Strong Willed Child - Part 2

The speaker is Cynthia Tobias (A former high school teacher, Cynthia Tobias is now a best-selling author, a popular speaker and the founder and CEO of AppLe St. (Applied Learning Styles). Her books include The Way They Learn, Every Child Can Succeed and Bringing Out the Best in Your Child. Cynthia has twin sons who are currently attending college.)

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