Tuesday, September 10, 2013

BTS: Teacher's Gift

Teachers are wonderful! I know cause I am one. :-) Just kidding, but they are wonderful. 
Most of your kids have already headed back to school, and some of them took gifts and some didn't. Teachers have long days and little encouragement, so I would encourage you to encourage them with this little fall gift. It's SOOOO EASY

Apples for the teacher...
  1. A big red basket with green ribbon (you can just thread it through the basket)
  2. Then fill it! This basket has...
    1. Apple sticky notes
    2. Red pens
    3. Apple soap
    4. Apple pomegranate lotion
    5. Apple cinnamon candle
    6. Homemade apple doughnuts,
    7. and an apple.
Thanks to Cooking w/ Brandy for this ADORABLE idea. I know that if I received this gift, I would be on CLOUD 9! - Rejoicing in the present

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