Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Modesty IS an issue Part#1

So I am sitting here, thinking back over that night, replaying in my mind people that I saw and talked to, my heart is HEAVY, very HEAVY!  I attended a Christian function where many if not most of the ones attending were dressed up. I was shocked to see how much "skin" was shown.  In fact, as my husband and I were driving home, we discussed it and we were both convicted about teaching our young ones modesty.

I am going to be very blunt in this next statement so I apologize in advance. The clothes that these "ladies" were wearing showed bare legs, arms, breast and the whole curve of their butt and thighs. The dresses were very short and very tight and they wore 3-inch heals to accentuate it even more.  Growing up, if we were to see one of them on a corner, I would just think that they "worked the streets" aka, were prostitutes. SO WHAT HAS CHANGED? Why are we allowing our daughters to dress like this?

I don't like the other end of the spectrum, where you are told that you are not a Christan unless you have 2 inches below this, 3 fingers higher then that, wear dresses down to the ground and never brush your hair...  I know I'm being a little silly but I think there are two extremes to this card. However, it IS NOT an extreme to say that dressing to please the Lord is the only way you should live your life.

Ladies!  A man (a very generous term) who wants or allows you to dress like the "world" has NO respect for you.  He needs an arm ornament to show of.  He is also the man that will cheat on you when someone "better" comes along. He is the also the man, who doesn't see you. He sees "SEX" written across your body.  When you are pregnant with his child and you look huge, you're acting crazy and his cute lil flirty friend comes by, YOU ARE HISTORY.  Why?  He had a toy not a treasure.  He had an ornament not a life partner.  He didn't respect you, he used you.  DONT let him do this.  Respect yourself.  Dress for God!

My heart is torn for you my beautiful friend! A wise person once said "Let the arrows of fashion point to your face." How true. Let's decide today, to dress ambassadors for Christ, looking nice but not trashy. Allowing what we wear to point to the smiles on our faces and the glory of God shinning through. Stay with me as we continue this subject. - Rejoicing in the present

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