Tuesday, June 4, 2013

DIY Disney Bags

My incredibly giving and wonderful parents decided to take all of their children and grandchildren on a vacation to Orlando.  We are staying at a Disney Resort.  We will be going to Magic Kingdom, Sea World, Legoland, iFly, and much more!!! 

It's going to be sooooooooooooo much fun and we are all super excited about going.  I wanted to do a little something for my nieces and nephews, so after stealing this idea from my sister, I made these Disney Bags. These bags are perfect for them to tote a water bottle or other things that they might need at the parks.

What you need:
  1. Drawstring bags - (I got mine at the Dollar Store for $1)
  2. Glitter glue
  3. Decoupage glue or Super Glue
  4. Fabric of your choice
  5. Outline shape of Mickey/Minnie Mouse
  6. Pins
  7. Scissors

What you do:
  1. Go online and google Disney or Minnie Mouse Outline
  2. Find and print your shape - (I used the picture to the right.)
  3. Cut out the shape (This will be your pattern)
  4. Pin your pattern to your fabric and cut
  5. Now, take your bag and center the cut-out outline.
  6. Use your decoupage glue to glue your fabric-Disney face down
  7. Then take your glitter-glue and outline the face with the glue
  8. Let the glitter-glue dry for 24 hours (or more if needed)
They turned out super-cute. I am still deciding on what I am going to do for their names. More to come later- Rejoicing in the present

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