Wednesday, February 20, 2013

It's a Stories

I love to get "IT'S A BABY" stories, so here are a few from my mom's group...

CMG: The way I told my hubby was so lame cuz I had such a faint double line, I didn't know what it meant.. It was really early in the morning, so I just crawled into bed and said...ummmm... I THINK I'm pregnant!??? Lol. The best was telling my parents. We bought little socks to give my dad and a grandma bib for my mom. We made them close their eyes, and dropped the items on their laps and I was holding the pregnancy test when they opened their eyes. They had no idea we were "trying"... So they were completely shocked!

AZM: I lay my husbands clothes out for him when he has school early, I bought him a shirt when we first started trying that said "be nice to me, my wife is pregnant"! He gets dressed in the dark so he doesn't wake me up!  He texted me in class at 7:30 and asked what was up--lol!  To tell my parents, I had gotten the kid's shirts that said guess what on the front and I'm going to be a big brother on the back! With my first two neither were expected and was a huge shock to plan anything lol
VHW: Mine was simple: we were at the grocery store and i told my husband we needed to get one last thing! and he guessed...a pregnancy test! i already knew for sure before that, just wanted proof, pretty much for him alone
KK: With our first, I gave my husband a card on his spiritual birthday that said "congratulations on your new baby" and had a pic of the test in it. And we told my parents with a "Happy Grandparent's Day" card (we told them a couple days before Grandparent's Day but they assumed it was a late anniversary card since they had just had an anniversary). With our second, I picked my husband up at the airport with our daughter wearing a bib I had made with ladybugs that said "Big Sister". I had to tell him to read it though... And we told family at our daughter's 1st birthday party. Her last "big gift" was a custom ladybug "Big Sister" onesie. With this one, my daughter and I made Chinese food for dinner and made felt fortune cookies that had things in them like "Your new lucky numbers are 6-20-13" and "Love makes your wife... FAT" and "The 'girls' will be back soon". Since Lydia helped me make it, I excused having the video camera recording the whole meal. So I made a Krillies' kids recap DVD for the parents that ended with the Chinese meal.

JHB: I was so excited with most of mine that I didn't really have any way to say it other than happy dance around the room! Lol...most of the time my husband knew before I did! And I usually knew almost right away . The only difference was my third child (my first three were very close together and that one I came to him crying and somewhat mad at him! Lol. She has been a blessing though, she always has a smile in her face and a song on her lips!) and my last child....he is four years younger than the one before that and I just assumed we were done...I took four pregnancy tests (the last one a digital one that said "you are pregnant!") before I finally believed that I really was! Then I did the happy dance!

ME:-)...I teased my family and husband about being pregnant so many times that when I told them, most of them didn't believe. In fact, my husband's reaction was priceless. I bought him a book that was titled "So, you're a dad" and placed that as well as a pregnancy test on this table by his stuff. He walked past it a few times and when he saw it and saw the 2 lines he said "Is this really yours?" HAHA. YES! I should have replied that "No, I had some pregnant lady do it for me" But I didn't. I have it on video and I laugh every time.

Telling your husband and family that you are expecting can be so exciting or can be a little hurtful...
TC: My sister was on a missions trip once and found out another one of my sisters were expecting and I know she was hurt by this.

I would definately encourage you to BE THE ONE to tell your family and close friends even if it's through a text or email message. I found out that a close person in my life was having a baby through a facebook post and was sad to hear it that way. Just a thought. :-)
Well I hope you enjoyed the stories - rejoicing in the present.

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