Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Creativity for Kids 101

Here is a concept when it comes to toys and boys...SAVE YOUR MONEY and let them use their imaginations. My son is soooo funny. As a baby he has been given a lot of toys, which we are blessed to have, but his favorites are the ones I've always had. He LOVES empty water bottles, paper, sunglasses, pots, pans, steering wheels :-) and much more. In fact when I give him a toy, he usually plays with it for a minute and then crawls away to investigate the house.

For Christmas this year, we gave Avery, a box full of paper and empty water bottles. He also got to play with packing peanuts and a little baby noisy hammer and a jingle ball. He was very happy with it all. We didn't spend a cent on him and he still loved it. He loves attention and interaction and that's what I give him daily. Here is a neat article that shares more on this topic, The Boy With No Toys. Think about it. - rejoicing in the present

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  1. This is so true! I know my boys play with just about any little box or piece of paper. Some how it always becomse a sword or gun :)