Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Around the House - Cleaning Silver

Recently I went through all my china. We were having a little girls' tea party and so I was trying to get it ready. I came upon this tea set. I had inherited it from my grandma. She had received it from my grandfather on their 25th wedding anniversary. So it's a very special piece.   Due to the fact that it's REAL silver AND it had been sitting in a box for LONG TIME it was tarnished.
I had heard that you could polish your silver rings with tooth paste and I had tried it once, and it worked. SO I decided to give it a try on the tea set and VOILA. IT WORKED

What you need...
1. Old Toothbrush or brush
2. A Rag
3. Tooth Paste
4. Water and soap to wash and rinse the toothpaste off

What you do...
1. Apply a "glob" of toothpaste on the silver piece.
2. Use the brush to spread and scrub the vessel
3. Once you feel you have scrubbed the whole piece, rinse it with soap and water.
4. Repeat and do this as many times as you need to make your vessel sparkle!

- Rejoicing in the present

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