Monday, December 1, 2014

Sense of Community

I really like this interview with Roseria, author and speaker. She has some great points that we as Christians need to wake up and embrace.

  • "The pastor turned off the air conditioning and served the food that I wanted"
  • "He actually did not share the gospel and he did not invite me to church." (He was the gospel)
Oh dear, dear friends, this is where we as Christians have failed so many times. That is, in not having an open house and open life to people. The church is supposed to be a hospital to sinners. We are to embrace them as people. Love them, not live like them. We are to feed them, clothe them, take the time for them, open our home to them. We can do all this without being like them or doing what they do. 

Be real! They need to know it's not a quick fix, but a journey, in following the Savior.

He saw me as "soul" orientation:
New believers -> they may say something "off". Sometimes when people come to God, we expect them to be this cookie-cutter Christian, but they still have a past; they still have sin habits. We have to help them on their journey to God. We can't expect them to be a certain way, instantly. We need to give them the Bible and Jesus and let the Holy Spirit lead them.

Take the time to listen to this. Remember to "chew the meat" and "spit out the bones". - Rejoicing in the Present

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