Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Christmas - Candy Sleighs

It's CHRISTMAS! ....that time of year when there are lots of parties to attend, presents to buy and make for EVERYONE, decorating, and much more. So I've come up with a few simple things that might help you as you do Christmas. 

In the craziness of it all, don't forget why we are celebrating. Don't forget about the most precious gift that was given to us, baby Jesus, our Savior Jesus. Cut some corners, grab some peppermint hot chocolate, sit down on the couch and enjoy your family. Talk about the true meaning of Christmas. Don't let Christmas get in the way of Christ.

Here is the first gift. This is an easy gift to make for teachers, friends, neighbors. It doesn't take a bunch of time and it's very cute!

What you need:
  1. Candy Canes
  2. A variety of candy
  3. Hot glue sticks & glue gun
  4. Curling Ribbon
What you do:

  1. It's helpful to have a partner for making this gift.
  2. Place the candy canes about 3-4 inches apart, facing up. Have your partner hold them while you put hot glue on.
  3. Next, place your first row of candy on the hot glued part
  4. Keep gluing and layering the candy until you get the look you want.
  5. Let it all cool and then take your curling ribbon and tie a bow. Simple, yet cute... and did I say it's edible!!! - Rejoicing in the Present

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