Monday, December 8, 2014

Christmas Productivity

I wrote this December 2013 but I believe it's so appropriate to this year...

Ok, so it’s almost CHRISTMAS and we have a house to decorate, presents to buy, parties to go to, parties to throw, food to shop for, cookies to make, and all the while remembering and honoring the true meaning of Christmas.

What is the goal for your Christmas?!?
What is the point of Christmas?
 What do you want your children to come away with this Christmas?
“We got the most presents?”  “We had the most memories?”  “The food was yummy.”  “Mom was stressed.” Or “Mom was not stressed”

So ask yourself some questions again.

  1. GOALS
    1. What do you want accomplished this Christmas?
    2. What can be crossed off the list?
    3. Is it about Jesus’ Birthday or Christmas Holidays?
  2. Who can help me?
    1. How much can you actually afford without hurting your finances?
    2. Can you hire someone to help with the workload and spend less on presents and decorations? Thus giving the gift of a stress-free mom
    3. Check at church and see if there is a responsible teenager or college students that wants some spending $$$.  They will do more for less $$.
    4. What can the children do? What can dad do?
  3. What can your friends do?
    1. What are your talents? Can you share talents?
    2. Maybe you’re a better decorator and a friend is a better cook. Your friend can make you some freezable yummy dishes for the holidays while you come over and decorate her house.
    3. Maybe you can take her kids while she does some shopping for you.
  4. Decorations
    1. What is the point? Do you want to give the house a warm holiday, Christmas feeling or do you have to have “the house” on the street?
    2. Are you focusing on the manger and the true meaning of Christmas?
    3. Just because you were given all those decorations by your dear relative does not mean they all have to be put up.
  5. Presents
    1. How much do you have to spend financially?
    2. How much do you need to spend?
    3. Do you really need to buy all of those family members and friends a present?
    4. MAKE A LIST OF THE "YES" PEOPLE and write ideas and then what you have already ,bought so that you can remember everyone. Organization lessens stress.
    5. Can a friend or teen wrap your presents?
Make a list and then stick to it.  Cut out and delegate as much as you can.  Dip into your gift/decoration $$ and get help.  It will be the memories your children share with you that matter 15 years from now, rather than the presents you bought or having the #1 house on the street.  Do less and have a better time.  Include your kids on cooking, cleaning and decorating.  Give them some great memories this year. - Rejoicing in the Present


  1. So, Joy... would you like to do a cookie exchange? Is it too late for this year? I'll help!!!

  2. Hey Nancy! Let's talk! It might be a little late but it just depends who all wants to be involved. Call me when you get a moment!