Monday, December 22, 2014

Book Review: Forever Mom

For some reason, my blonde brain never registered that the book that I ordered was written by a mother who adopted and was written for mothers that were adopting. 

So, when I received the book Forever Mom, By Mary Ostyn and read the subtitle, I was disappointed.  The subtitle read "What to expect when you're adopting."  It was an obvious title but for some reason it hadn't clicked. 

I have always been open to and interested in adopting but my hands are full with the two blessings that the Lord has given me right now.  So, needless to say, I had a bit of a negative attitude when I started reading this book. 

However, her stories drew me in and very soon I couldn't put the book down.  By the time she started giving advice from her learning experiences, I was already sold. 

I would recommend this book NOT ONLY to mothers in the adoption journey but would also highly recommend it to every mother.

Ok, I have to admit,  I am sick of all the books and methods of parenting.  I feel there is so much of "do this and it will be this way" or "this way is the only way." There is too much method and not enough cuddling and nurture.  I believe that there are different ways for different children and you have to know your baby and do what you feel is best for them. 

So what I LOVE about this book is her passion and her nurturing spirit. Her message of love and perseverance was a balm to my soul. Each of her children were different, so she had to find out the love language of each, speak it, live it and continue to do that. She is still on a journey, just as all of us moms are, but she has decided to be their forever mom.  Period.

When you have some free time, grab a blanket, some coffee and this book. I believe it will encourage you, help you. I hope that when you close the book you will begin to learn, as she did to "walk humbly, love deeply, be faithful and don't lose hope!"

I was given this book by in exchange for an honest review - Rejoicing in the Present

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