Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Evolution of the Swim Suit

 I have had this thought many a time...Why is it okay to wear underwear on the beach, but not other places?  Why can you suntan half naked, BUT if you try to breast feed your child, using a cover, people have issues. Why?  I personally don't wear a swim suit unless it is covered with a shirt and knee length shorts.  I personally just don't think it's any different.  This is my conviction and so I have to hold myself responsible.  However, you may not have this conviction BUT you still see a problem with the itsy bitsy, next to nothing, bikini's...

Here is a clip from Jessica Rey who designed a more-modest BUT cute swim suit line for girls. I love what she is doing. Take the time to watch this mind-opening clip. - Rejoicing in the present

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