Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Our next generation

Being the hands and feet of Jesus can sound quite difficult and it will be, if you try to do it all in the flesh.  However, if you have the Lord to give you situations and empower you in them, He will.  My husband is great example of being the hands and feet.  I bought a basketball hoop for him for his birthday last year and I have to say, he hasn't used it for himself much, BUT he has used it for the gospel. 

We have some boys that we pick up on the bus and take to church.   They found out where we lived--they happen to live on the other side of the trees in our backyard. So my husband built up a camaraderie with them.  Whenever we are home, he has given them permission to use our basketball hoop and basketball and football.  These boys invite their friends and half the neighborhood ends up in our front yard. Once in a while, He will even go out and play with them.  One day, he started up a game with them and before they began, he decided to lead in prayer. Without even asking they huddled up around him and prayed.  It was such a beautiful sight.  Our next generation being shown God being put first.

It went on that the boys would play and ring our doorbell to get a drink of water.  It became a ministry for us.  Finally my husband came up with another idea.  He would tape up a verse on the door and if the boys could memorize it, he would give them a icee-pop. They loved the challenge and the sweet treat-- and it was a easy way to get them in the Word.

Recently, we have been away so much that we haven't had a lot of contact with the boys but I'm sure it will start up again and I have to think--this is our next generation.  Most of those boys do not ride the bus and most are not interested in sitting down and going to church or hearing about the Bible, BUT I can be the Bible to them.   I can plant a seed here and there.   I can proclaim Jesus, I can make him first. I can be the hands and feet of Jesus, because this is our next generation.  What we do know might make the difference for all of eternity. - Rejoicing in the Present

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