Monday, August 31, 2015

Lessons From Moms in the Bible - Hannah

Things We can Learn from Mothers in the Bible

One of my all-time favorite moms is Hannah. 

I Samuel tells us of a dear woman named Hannah who desired to have a baby.  She was in such conflict and pain because she was barren.  We find her in the Temple where she cries out to Him "Lord if you give me a baby," …  “… then I will give him unto the Lord all the days of his life” (Vs. 11)

We watch her on her journey and our hearts break for her.  Many sweet ladies that I know are on this journey-the silent, yet painful battle of infertility. God hears her cries, just like he hears the cries of all the mothers who desire a baby.  He doesn't always give the gift that we think we need, sometimes He gives us something better. :-)

In Hannah's case, He answers her prayer with a baby.

Hannah finally gets the gift of her dreams. She finally gets the baby she always desired, yet we see her, one chapter later, giving the child back to the Lord.  Not just mentally, not just in her heart and prayers, but physically. She took her child to the temple and gave him to Eli to use for God’s service.

Now, I’m not saying to go to your local church and put your child in a basket on the doorstep.   What I am saying is that I need to know that my child is not mine.  

Ask God to prepare you to always be ready to give your child back.  Ask God to prepare you to be ready for whatever the circumstance. 

The day that your sweet boy comes home and says “Mom, I feel like God wants me to work in Africa”….be ready for that day. God is going to take care of your child WAY better then you ever will.  If God calls your baby to the middle of the desert in a small scary disease-filled town, HE WILL TAKE CARE OF HIM.  

What if He takes them home to heaven?  If He chooses, He may do so, but He can also take my child home from the comforts of plush America too. 

God is our safety, no matter what the circumstance.  Let's give God our babies-- there is no better Keeper. - Rejoicing in the Present

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  1. A lovely devotional... you are an awesome mama and a great example for "J". Hugs.