Wednesday, August 5, 2015

bAHAmas moment #3

When we arrived in Nassau, we got lunch and waited for the missionaries to pick us up.  We soon realized that something was amiss, as we waited for more than an hour longer than had been agreed upon. 

We found out that the church bus was having issues and they had to continually pull over.  Once we were picked up, we pulled over two times to give the bus a rest. Finally we continued on our way again; when we did, the driver opened the radiator cap which happened to be on the inside of the bus.  There was a small explosion of water and steam gushing out.  Someone yelled "everyone out" and we trampled over each other to do so.  A few of the guys just jumped out the windows. 

We laughed over our silliness.  The emergency evacuation was not necessary but our laughter soon turned into gravity when we realized that the bus was done for.  We waited on the side of the road for a few hours while the church rounded up some people to pick us up. 

This was the beginning of some "earthly" issues that we had.  One of our sweet ladies struggled with dizziness all week due to the heat and her blood pressure pills, while most everyone else just struggled with the heat. 

With the bus down, we were not able to pick up kids to bring them to our youth rallies.  We were discouraged by this fact but kept plodding along. 

Although I had always known this fact, my AHA moment #3 was a good reminder.  "No matter what life throws at you, remember there is a God Who is bigger."

Our youth rally had an incredible turnout.  Over the course of the week, we had 20 young people come to Christ.  The last night we had 100 attending.  We had two huge lists of contacts to leave for the church to followup on; the exciting part was that since we couldn't pick any kids up, their parents either dropped them off or they walked, which is unheard of there. 

Our lemons seemed a bit sour when they were handed to us, but God made the most delicious lemonade out of them. - Rejoicing in the Present

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