Friday, August 7, 2015

bAHAmas moment #4

One of my favorite AHA moments is #4:  "Take away all electronics, stick a bunch of teens in a room with a beach ball and it can entertain them for WEEKS."

So there we were broken down on the side of the street. We found a blow-up bat and an empty water bottle and played baseball. 

Then at the church, we were stranded every afternoon because of the bus situation. Our teens found a beach ball and some hula hoops and we played every game you could think of. 

From volleyball to taps, to Hula Haphazardness to Dodge Ball to "make it up as you go along," the young people and some of us "not-so-young" people played, laughed, teased, joked and had good clean fun.  I'm sure those memories are going to last forever. 

Give a child an empty box and a spoon and he will play for hours. Give a child a room full or toys and she will come crying in 30 minutes that there is nothing to play with. 

The youth really bonded because they had to talk to each other face to face.  They played together.  They were a team.  They teased and laughed together.  They built forever memories. - Rejoicing in the Present

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