Monday, August 3, 2015

bAHAmas moment #1

"My sweat is sweating" - This phrase was coined by Momma Jo on our missions trip to the Bahamas.  It was the best description of how hot we were at times.  We joked that people paid for sauna treatments but if they were $$-savvy, they could just get in a hot vehicle in the Bahamas for a  few minutes and get the same effect.  I believe that I sweated every toxin that was present out of my body.  It was insane!

The very first day and night, I struggled immensely, but within a few days, I was learning tricks to stay cool.  I would take a shower before I went to sleep at night and during the day, I tried shade and air flow tricks to keep cooler.  Yes, we fought heat rashes but we adapted.  We learned to do with less. 

I was reminded how spoiled I am.  I couldn't turn the faucet on and drink any old time.  All their water and pretty much everything has to be imported to the island. The cost of a small jar of peanut butter is $10.  The price of most food is QUITE ridiculous. 

I only packed so many items of clothing so I just kept washing and re-wearing the same shirts.  In the end I learned that I really could do with much less than I have. 

We are spoiled. 

So what am I going to do about that?

Live with less? 

How can I do that?

Maybe I can turn the air conditioning down.  Then I can take that extra money I save and use it for someone else. 

We CAN do with much less, and we can help more people. 

What can you cut out of your life? 

So blessed... now what am I going to do with that extra money I save?.... - Rejoicing in the Present

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