Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Cradle to College

It was already a BUSY week as I was planning to go out of state with my family and a bus-full of teens for our annual college trip.  So when I stumbled onto an email about an upcoming consignment sale, I probably should have skipped it and gone on; however I did not. 

It intrigued me. I loved the idea that I could earn money from selling some of the baby items that I wasn't using. I was busy and so having someone else sell my stuff for me seemed to be the optimal idea. 

I registered right away, but due to some random mishaps, they emailed my husband instead of me. Of course, I didn't get it and, so I figured either this was all a scam or it was too late in the game. It was Tuesday and I had to have the stuff at the location by Thursday. So I asked for my money to be refunded. 

In the meantime I realized what was going on and I was able to connect with the team at Cradles to College. They were helpful and ready to assist and even offered to return the money if I was not interested. 

I only had a few days to collect everything and tag it properly and when I heard that we had to type everything out, I almost threw in the towel. However, once I got on their program I realized how it made it MUCH easier. 

If you go on their website, Cradles to College, they have lots of information on how to consign, as well as what to consign. One of the workers mentioned that there are also going to be video tutorials coming that make things even more simple. 

I believe my time with them was successful. I sold over $200 worth of clothing and items and received 70% or that.  All I had to do was properly tag the items and deliver them to the location. Once there I placed the items in their designated spots and they sold the items. Two days later, I picked up the items that were not sold (you also have the choice of donating), and my check. 

What I wouldn't do next time:

  • I wouldn't sign up 2 days before. Even though I was able to collect and tag the items during my kids naptimes, it still put a strain on me. I would slowly collect and tag the items over a period of time in preparation for the big day.
  • I wouldn't skim read the directions and tutorials. I would read all of their directions ahead of time. They gave some great tips; I wasn't able to digest it all due to the the shortness of time.
  • I wouldn't skip the shopping part.  Due to the busyness of the week, I only dropped my stuff off and never did any shopping of my own.  I think shopping would have helped me see competitors' pricing as well as helped me pick up some cute deals for my kids.
Ask around and see if they have any consignment shows coming up in your area. Research them and get involved.  If you live in the greater Orlando area, Cradle to College has three great locations that you can be apart of.

"HUGE NEWS! Cradle to College is thrilled to announce our all new SPECIAL SEASON featuring the CTC KIDS SUMMER CAMP EXPO and *TOY & BABY GEAR SALE! A ONE DAY ONLY EVENT... Viera May 9th, Clermont May 16th, Orlando May 30th! "

 Check out their website or their Facebook page. They have all the information you need. - Rejoicing in the Present 

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