Wednesday, April 29, 2015

A Dirty House

Scraps of wallpaper, drips of paint, dishes all over my living room, our Keirug on a chair in the dining room--THIS is what my house has looked like for weeks.

McDonalds, KFC, pizza, McDonalds, Burger King, McDonalds--THIS is what my menu has looked like.

Metal pans, canned goods and all the wonderful things you don't want your kids to get into are freely available.  It's been a party for the kids.

All this because our house is being slowly remodeled or, more accurately, our kitchen. Since my husband only has a day and a half free each week to work on it, it's been a slow process. We have found some amazing people, even some volunteers, to help us and, overall, it's not been bad--If you can stand the mess. :-)

Personally, it's been rough. Hubby and I both like things orderly, or at least in it's place. We have been eating out at fast food restaurants or using our toaster oven for a couple weeks since it's hard to get to anything or find anything.  It's been a WRECK.  Even when I clean my house right now, it doesn't feel clean.

It's a bit overwhelming and recently I thought, "I would have rather just lived in this house, the way it was, then to go through this mess." It's plain dirty.  I don't like it!

Then, today, it hit me.  This is like my spiritual life.  I know there are issues I need to clean out and fix up, but it's work and it's DIRTY.  It's going to hurt, it's going to be embarrassing and I am going to lose things that I have held on to.

A dear lady in our church said it best, "REVIVAL IS MESSY!"            

When Jesus cleaned out the temple, He made a mess.  He overturned tables and stirred up some dust.  When He died on the cross, it was HORRIBLY painful and messy.

When we give up that sin habit, there will be withdrawal pains.  When we make it right with that person, our pride will feel stomped on.  When we decided to put aside _________ to make time for our devotions, we are going to have to give something up, or at least put it off.

Fixing up the house is work.  It's dirty.  It's tiring. It's stressful. ...but in the end, IT'S SO WORTH IT. much more our spiritual house. - Rejoicing in the Present

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