Monday, April 20, 2015

Family Bible School 2014

Family Bible School is our church's version of Vacation Bible School (VBS). We call it FBS because our program is for the whole family. We have classes for adults, prizes for adults and the whole program is geared for the WHOLE family. It's lots of fun AND it encourages Scripture memory and spiritual growth for the family as a whole.

The theme for LAST year was baseball, so all our skits, games, songs, food and fun was geared around baseball. We called it ALL-STAR FAITH; the Bible lessons were about different people in the Bible who had faith. Thus, the Scripture memory contest was based on, YEP, Hebrews 11.

I hope this gives you ideas for your very own VBS or FBS. You might also find ideas if you are having a baseball birthday party or maybe even a baseball team party. Feel free to use any ideas and share below how yours turned out!

The decorations were fun. I decided that it would be neat to have our auditorium look like a ball field. My brains were Julie and Dana and the helpers were Kay and Michelle. They all did a fabulous job.

  1. The screen was the score board 
  2. Below it we made a fence and hung banners advertising different area companies on them.  I went to the companies in town and borrowed their banners. Most of them were all for it.
  3. I bought a green outdoor rug to look like the field and painted the pitcher's mound on it.   Then I placed the mound under the speaker's stand, so that he could "pitch his message to us" :-) 
  4. Julie filled the windows with bats, gloves and balls and gave it the all-star American look. 
  5. We also hung pennant banners in the fellowship hall where everyone ate. 
  6. All of the teachers were encouraged to wear their team's colors. 
    1. PreK-K - Marlins
    2. 1st - 3rd - Royals
    3. 4th - 6th Astro's
    4. Teens - Blue Jay's
    5. Adults - Padro's 
It wasn't overdone nor was it lacking in decorations. Feel free to use any ideas you like and let me know how it goes. - Rejoicing in the Present

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