Monday, April 13, 2015


I am reading a book about worship right now and I had to share what the author wrote... 

Often when people think of worship, their minds immediately turn to music. They think of music styles and talk of the type of worship or music they like. To them, worship is seen only in the context of music. ...they usually respond with something like "we have contemporary worship" or "our worship is traditional" or "we have a blended service." 

The real issue in worship is not if we will worship or how we will worship but whom we will worship."

To many, worship is music and music is worship and many worship music - Ron Owens

Return to Worship: A God-Centered Approach

WOW, is that powerful or what?  Where our music has gotten "off" is where our view of Him has gotten "off". The problem is that we have completely lost our ability to see who God really is--His power and might, His love and His righteousness. We forget how holy He really is and just make Him "one of us."

DEAR FRIEND, He is NOT one of us. Praise His Holy NAME! If He was one of us, we would have real issues. He could never have been able to rescue us from our pit of sin. 

He stooped, He lowered himself for someone like me, yet He is not just like me. He never gave up being 100% God. We need to reverence Him. We need to see Him as He is. Get in the Bible! Find out what the Bible says about Who He is.

If our view of God is anything other than His Self-revelation through His Word, then the god we worship is one our own making, one fashioned to suit what we want God to be. - Ron Owens

Ron goes on to say that we usually know God for what He does rather then who He is. 

You can only find Him in the Bible. Pray and ask the Holy Spirit to guide you in the truth and to know the WAY, the TRUTH and the LIFE. Get to know God, not who you think He is but who He really is. - Rejoicing in the Present

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