Saturday, April 18, 2015

Putting God in a Box

I shared this quote with you recently:

If our view of God is anything other than His Self-revelation through His Word, then the god we worship is one our own making, one fashioned to suit what we want God to be. - Ron Owens

Who is God? Really, who is He? Is this the God you have heard about from Sunday School teachers, friends and great devotional guides? Does your "god" come from experiences you have had? Does He come from what you want Him to be? Do you REALLY know Him or know about Him?

I want you to think about this. You could tell the world that I am 6 feet tall, weighing 200 pounds, with short red hair; you could convince the world of that but just because you convinced the world and yourself does not make it true. 

Many times, we as Christians get ideas about who God is from experiences we have or stories that are told, but we need to pray and ask the Lord to help us REALLY know Him. We need to dig into the Word and find out the truth. The Book of Revelation teaches of His majesty and holiness while Psalms teaches about His character and His care. The whole Bible teaches of His grace, yet also of His righteous judgement; each Bible story gives us more and more insight into His mind. We will get to know the real Him, if we pick up the Bible and read it for ourselves. Don't let others tell you Who He is. You find out. 

...and let me give you a little hint. Even after all the studying you do, you will find out that there are still mysteries that we can't quite understand about God. Don't try to explain them away. He is GOD, hence the title "God." We will not get it all while we are on earth and that's okay. That is where faith comes in. 

So I want to encourage you to take God out of that box you put Him in. Let Him be Himself! Get to know Him, the God of the Bible. Accept that His ways are not our ways and be glad that we don't have to be God and know everything. You just have to trust Him to be Him. -Rejoicing in the Present

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