Thursday, January 29, 2015

What am I going to do? I am going to PRAISE HIM!

I hope you read yesterday's article about trials and perspective. If not, click the link. It's a good read, especially if you are dealing with some trials in your life.

Today's article will be the complete opposite of yesterday.

Now, before I go on, I want to give you a little insight into my blog.

When I write, I like to share what God is doing and what I am learning. I usually write when I get some free time, whether it's during my kids' nap time or at night. However, most of the time, you will NOT see an article that I wrote that day, posted the same day.  Why?

1. I have an editor.
2. I write multiple blog posts at one time.
3. I write when my heart is touched and then wait for a good moment to share.

So, some of my posts were written days and sometimes weeks apart.

This is the case of yesterday's post and today. When I wrote about the trials, I was going through, I really was going through a lot. So, I was preaching to myself as I wrote that blog.

I had to get my perspective right.

Today's post is not saying that if you do all three steps that you will receive earthly blessings, but it's encouraging you that good times WILL come and we must praise Him when they do.

So trials come...and so do blessings ...and when I get blessed, I just have to tell everyone.

God spoils me.

I don't know why but He does and I am just very grateful.

In fact, He has really just opened heaven and dumped the earthly blessing box on me:

When I wrote that "trails" post, we thought that our sewer lines were going to have to be replaced, instead it was a $150 fix....WAY cheaper than what we were expecting.

Then the next Wednesday I was digging in my diaper bag and $100 fell out on the ground!

Two very close friends brought over bags and boxes of clothes, shoes and accessories to go through that I could keep or pass on. In those bags were 3 VERY classy purses. These were purse styles that I had drooled over and wanted but never spent the $$.

One thing that has really been a WANT in my life was a new stove.  I should take a picture of the one that I have right now.  It's over 40 years old and recently one of the large burners died after a small fire occurred on the stove. It's an old style where the oven is over top and the stove sits on your cabinets.

So I was hoping that we could get a new-to-us stove for my birthday.  I was discussing this with a family at our church.  The husband is very handy.  I was asking him some advice as we would have to cut out a cabinet for a different stove. He offered to do the project for us and then came back and said that they had an extra stove that we could have. OH MY!  I am, seriously, doing a little happy dance over here while I write. It was just the neatest blessing.

It's almost been like God took my wish list and checked everything off.

I received chocolate and notes and more blessings over the week.  I just can't contain my joy.  I am so blessed by my friends, family and mostly GOD!

One thing to point out:  If I had not gone through those trials recently, these blessings that I received wouldn't have been so shiny and wonderful.

Think about that.

Now, just like with trials in my life, what am I going to do with the blessings? I'm going to praise Him.

What about you?  Has God been blessing you? Please share below. - Rejoicing in the Present

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