Monday, January 26, 2015

Warning-> Parenthood

This post (below) was inspired by a sweet momma blogger. I read her story. It was beautiful but it didn't quite capture the warning that I personally felt needed to be shared. Thank you for sharing your heart and inspiring me to share mine. 

When we go through pregnancies, we have so many warnings thrown at us.  From "get sleep now, because you never will again" to "enjoy your free time because you will never have freedom again."  We are warned about the sleepless nights to come and the money that we will never have again. We will be given some pretty scary warnings that will leave us awake at night, asking us "ARE WE READY? 

Our gift mentally turns into a burden and we become stressed.

But I must warn you that it's a much bleaker picture. You will be overwhelmed. You will be exhausted. You will cry. You will mentally lose it and then you will realize your one mistake!

The day that you give birth.  WOW, just let me just warn YOU! You will be sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo exhausted and overwhelmed. 

Yes Ma'am!  You will be so overwhelmed that God gave you such a rare and beautiful gift, that He would trust you with the care and upbringing of this sweet little treasure. 

Your heart will literally collapse into a puddle of goo when you hold her/him for the first time. You will cry, but it's tears of relief, tears of joy.  I remember that when I had baby A. I cried tears of joy. I  had seen it in the movies but hadn't really experienced it.  In fact, I thought it was kinda fake, but then I cried. I cried because I had just birthed that sweet baby boy and I was now holding his sweet wrinkly body against mine.  I cried because this was my baby. It was surreal. It was amazing. It was so beautiful.

Let me TELL YOU! Let me warn you. You will be overwhelmed and you will cry and it will be a most beautiful moment you will never forget!

Oh and let me tell you about loosing it. It's coming, momma! 

You will realize that you have lost it when you stop your life and whisper to your husband to come see this funny occasion. 

You will find yourself excited to tell him about all the funny and cute things that happened that day. Those things will be "small" things like her lifting her head or his first scoot across the crib. I mean can't we have a more grown up conversation then this? It will be the "little things" that start making up your life. 

Oh, and let me tell you about her tiny little fingers.  They are ridiculously cute.  She will wrap them around your finger.  You will realize how tiny and precious she is, but in the back of your mind you will also note who is really wrapped around who's finger.

Your husband may want to give you a break.  He will offer for you to go shopping or get pampered, but you won't want to leave and, if/when you do, you will be missing that sweet baby boy curled up in your arms. Your heart will lift when you pull back into the driveway and you will find yourself nearly running to the door. ...but wait, don't we live for our mom times. 

Oh, and you know that something is seriously wrong when you revert to your high school cheerleading behavior the first few times that your son goes to the potty on the toilet. You've lost it, for sure. 

Your son walks away while you are reading him a story, but you finish it because you want to know the end of the story. I must warn you that little kids' books can be quite entertaining at times. 

Let me warn you about something else. Your babies cheeks will be so soft, like nothing you have ever felt. You will want to kiss and snuggle up to them ALL THE TIME.  In fact, you won't be able to get enough of them. 

You know what else is addicting--their snuggle. When they fall asleep on you or curl right into you, you will lose your mind and forget about all the work you need to get down....and can you believe this -> you might even close your eyes and sleep along with them. I mean PEOPLE, come on! 

Mornings are slightly rough too. If you're a stay-at-home mom like me, you don't have a time you have to wake up, which means I am awakened by my toddler.  Yes, he crawls into my space and then I have to cuddle, sometimes tickle, but usually I am ALWAYS greeted with a HUGE smile!  It's such a hard life.  I'm warning you!

Another warning! Your bed is often full with more then just your husband and you. Yes, sometimes your baby or toddler will sneak in. These are those nights when you "have to" get to cuddle your angels around you and thank the Lord you got the opportunity to spend the night sleeping with them. 

As a responsible parent, I should tell you to RUN.  

YES!  Run to the idea of motherhood.  Embrace it.  Be excited that you get the opportunity to have a little baby. A little sweet gift from God. 

It's really a hidden secret. A lot of woman are running away from it, but it's a really REALLY special gift that God has given us. 

I'm warning you! ONE DAY, you WILL realize your mistake. Your mistake? -- not having them sooner!

It can be quite addicting. In fact, there is some moms that couldn't break that addiction (20 and counting). ...but dear, you don't worry if you have 1 or 20. You'll be proud of the number that God gives you. It's a blessing, all of it. Embrace it. Love it. Inhale it. It's amazing, I'm just warning you.  - Rejoicing in the Present

This post was inspired by a sweet momma blogger. I read her story. It was beautiful but it didn't quite capture the warning that I personally felt needed to be shared. Thank you for sharing your heart and inspiring me to share mine. 

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