Thursday, July 17, 2014

Rainy Days = Puddle Jumping

"Uggggg, its raining. There goes my hair." That was me a few years ago. Now, it starts raining and I'm like "WOOHOO"!!!  It will cool down the house AND we get to go puddle jumping! (or as my little son says "Pubbles")

It all started a few months back when we were stuck indoors because of the rain. I got this "brainy" idea to go out and splash in the water. Daddy thought we were a bit nuts but went along with it and Baby "A" thought he was in heaven.  It was so much fun. A little cold but perfect for all of us. We even found a stick where Bubby could whack the water and splash in it. Water play is one of his favorite things and the dirtier the better. So you may be looking for your rainbow after the storm, but we are looking for big dirty puddles.

A few tips that help with puddle jumping...

  1. Have a beach towel by the front door so that when you are done you can wrap your little guy up and transport him to the bathtub for a warm wash down.
  2. Swim Diapers: These are great!  "A" usually just wears the swim diaper so that he doesn't mess up his clothes and it lessens the cold because he doesn't have wet clothes sticking to him.
  3. Watch their temperature. We only stay out for 20-30 minutes depending on the temperature. I don't want him to get a cold from our fun
  4. HAVE FUN! The wetter, the dirtier you get, the better it is. I believe it will be a memory that your child retains. Enjoy them while you can. 
Rejoicing in the Present!

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