Monday, July 7, 2014

A Praise on our Journey

As I mentioned in the last post, we started a new journey with our princess.  One that will entail some trials, some blessings and God in the midst of it all. 

I must admit that I have been an emotional basket case.  I'm sure just birthing a baby and getting less then the usual amount of sleep has not helped. To add to that I can only imagine what my baby girl will have to go through. (This is not me complaining, just being transparent with you.)

To top that off, I know that while we are blessed to have all our bills paid, the financial burden of a surgery can be overwhelming. I recently called my insurance company and, well, the news was not exciting.  As I'm wrestling with this all, my mother just keeps reminding me, "Joy, God will provide." Again and again "Joy, God will provide." I, of course, know this to be true but I don't always have the patience to wait to see to HIM work.

My husband came home with our checks the other day and there was an extra check. A large check, in fact. The memo said "love offering." Someone felt led to give us a gift. 

When my husband told me about it, I could barely contain my emotions. He went downstairs to eat lunch and I lost it. The tears flowed. It wasn't the money that blessed me as much as the message from God saying "Joy, I WILL provide for your needs." I don't know who the generous giver was but the message that they delivered that day was one I will never forget. 

So, as our journey continues I just want to say PRAISE THE LORD! He is already providing and caring for our Sweet T and her sometimes impatient mother. :-) 

- Thank you Lord for Your FAITHFUL love and care. - Rejoicing in the Present

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