Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Bloggers on Marriage

I thought this was a shareable video clip from 5 very popular marriage bloggers.

It was interesting that most of ladies loved that they had a best friend and someone to share their life with.  If you are not married yet then I would really encourage you take that advice. The "sizzle" WILL go away, in time, in your marriage.  However, if you marry your best friend, you will always have that awesome friendship even through the rough times. For ladies that are married, make your husband your best friend.  Find or make common interests. Try to make your self a part of his life. This will really help out your marriage.

 My favorite Q&A was the last questions. What advice could you give wives out there:

1. Walk with God and incorporate what you learn with God to your marriage

2. To pray for your spouse

3. Find a HAPPILY married couple and learn from them. DON'T take all the advice of the world and especially those who aren't happy.

4. STOP over-thinking, instead enjoy your family and make memories

Rejoicing in the Present

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