Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Thank You God...

Dear Father, boy, are you ever my Father and Protector! Thank you for NOT giving me what I asked for!  Please ignore all the requests that will be detrimental to me and please continue to give me things that will grow me and help me! - JT

Have you ever felt like that?  Have you ever prayed like that?  So many times in my life, I see how wise God was for not giving me what I asked for.  In high school, I asked God to take away my health problems, to give me a miracle, and make me perfect.  He didn't; instead He just made me stronger. There are a total of 4 men, that I thought I really cared about and could have been potential husbands.  These boys I met between ages 16 and 23.  The last one, whom, at one time, I would have felt to be the least likely,  I married. He is the man of my dreams, my lover, my friend, the best daddy and husband and PERFECT for me. Thank you, Jesus. Let me tell you about the other three. 

All three of these guys acted like they loved God and had personal walks with Him, while I was with them.  One just got out of prison for the 2nd time, another was unfaithful to me, and the other doesn't even have anything to do with God anymore.  I see these men and I say, THANK YOU, GOD for protecting me, my heart, and my future.  You gave me a man of God. You gave me a treasure. You took that shiny temptation out of my life and opened my eyes to the truth.

There are still things I've asked for that I have not received and I'm OK with that, because I know, in the end, I didn't need them or they might have really hurt me. 

So let's be grateful to God. Thank Him for not answering "Yes" to your requests; ask Him to only give you things that will grow you and help you. The next time you don't get what you asked for, thank Him. It might have saved your life. - Rejoicing in the Present

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