Sunday, June 15, 2014

Dear Dad...

Dear Dad,

You are soooooo amazing! You have been my dad for over 28 years and I'm just so grateful to God that He picked you for that job. You do a GREAT job of being a father and are a wonderful picture of the heavenly Father loving the church. You have gotten all kinds of useless gifts over the years, from ties, to mugs to candy. I do have a present for you (which you will get when you get here. :-) ) but I wanted to do something a little more, so here are 28 reasons why you're absolutely my favorite daddy in the world! ...well also cause you're my dad. :-) LOVE YOU!

1. You love have a sincere interest in the Word and a personal relationship with God. It shows in your Bible teaching and personal devo time.

2. You Love ME :-)... I know because you show it as well as verbally telingl me almost every time I talk to you.

3. You pray for your kids (that's me). When I visit your house and I sit in on family devotions its wonderful to hear you praying for us. Also you tell me on the phone that you are praying for me. I love that!

4. You invest in your kids (verbally, financially and spiritually)

5. You're crazy and fun! ( I love you... your personality is AMAZING... don't ever change or lose it!)

6. You're never too busy to answer a weird, random or spiritual question I have for you.

7. You love MOM! You take care of her and are a GREAT example of a loving husband! It's an example to us all and helped me in choosing a good husband.

8. You love YOUR mom! You are currently taking care of her. It's a good example of how to love and respect your parents.

9. You're a fun Papa to your grandkids. :-) Everyone needs a fun and good grandpa.

10. You teach (You don't just help or fix something, you show us how to do it ourselves.)

11. Daddy-Daughter dates. As a little girl and teen you used to take me on dates. I remember one time when you told the waitress that I was your date (at Friendly's) I was so proud. :-)

12. Grizzly Bear.  I LOVED playing where you would get down on all fours and pretend to attack us and we would all scream and run and then you would grab us and tickle us. I see you still playing that with your grandkids.

13. Debt Free.  You taught us how and why to stay out of debt. This has REALLY helped me as an adult and in my marriage. Thank you!

14. Integrity. This and hard work is what advanced you at the Pentagon. You showed this at home as well!

15. Sensitivity.  You have a real heart for people (like working at KARM) and mom helped a LOT of people over the years. It taught us love and to help people as well!

16. HARD WORKING.  You worked long hard hours to provide for your family.

17. The Mule :-) You're great at heavy lifting...hard mule work :-)

18.'ve been faithful to mom, your family and God. What an example to us all!

19. Vacations.  You always made sure we had fun yet educational vacations over the years. We are still getting together as a family and I LOVE THAT.

20. Sociable.  You're sooooo friendly and outgoing. You put people at ease.

21. Your never forgot where you came from. You're not proud, just hardworking. Also you lived in the city for years but the small town life is still in your blood.

22. You have a GREAT relationship with my husband. Jer can call you for wisdom or just to chat. You father him as well as me. ...and you don't mind when he beats you at golf. ...but we all know that you just let him win. :-)

23. Laughter - You have the biggest bestest laugh ever!

24. Knowledge.  You are always learning and reading.

25.Why do ducks have flat feet? To make my dad laugh :-)

26. Encyclopedia: You know a little bit about everything. If you have a question, ask dad, He's an encyclopedia.

27. Personally providing for me...Thank you for putting me through college, paying for my wedding, surgeries and all the other many ways you provided for me!

28. The last reason I love you is for no other reason then God gave me you. You're super super special to me and I love that God gifted you to me.

I love you daddy! JWT

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