Monday, May 5, 2014

Weary Heart

I saw this blog post of a friend of a friend and thought I would share.  So many of us are so weary.  We are tired.  Many are hurting, some heartbroken by their husbands, others by their kids.  Some are just plain hurt by people. I truly don't know what people do that don't have a Heavenly Father in their life, a Savior Jesus Christ and a Holy Spirit that fills them and guides them.  I hurt for those people.  Here is a sad but sweet post from urbanhallelujah.

This Valentines Day, I watched while you indulged in gourmet chocolates from a tulle wrapped box, and how surprised you were when a beautiful bouquet was awaiting you on the counter. I saw the sweet valentines that are still covering your refrigerator, and the dishes you ordered from your favorite restaurant…
But unfortunately, that’s not what Valentines Day had in store for me this year.
My Valentines day left me blind-sighted and broken-hearted.
BUT before you decide not to read another word of my sob story, and before you come to your senses and realize your time could be better spent reading someone else’s (far more eloquent) words… I wanted to share with you something God brought to light about this weary heart of mine.
It started when I awoke to hear my daughter whimpering from her bed. When like any parent, I instinctively made my way to her side, only to find that her sheets were sopping wet around her. Still groggy and disoriented, I can remember sweeping her up in my arms and making my way to the bathroom to get her cleaned up.
Moments later, after her cries had settled, and her flailing limbs were wrapped in the warmth of a towel, I held her close and whispered a sincere apology – knowing full well that both of us were opposed to baths before sunrise, and before the coffee had been brewed!
It was around that time that I fully expected my usually rambunctious toddler, to break from my arms, NAKED, and run into the living room, squealing in delight at the thought of her triumphant escape!
… But she didn’t.
Willingly she would stay, wrapped in my arms, her head resting deliberately on my chest.
Alarmed, I held my palm to her forehead checking for a temperature…
But she didn’t flinch.
When it became apparent what she was doing, the tears instantly welled in my eyes!
My precious little girl had been listening attentively to the sound of my heartbeat!
Likely for the first time since she was born!
I studied her as she listened, and saw the familiarity the sound of my heart brought. I could see the comfort she found in its unending rhythm… how captivated she was by its strength...
… STRENGTH?! How could that be? My heart was weak, and shaken, and was a far cry from the strength it possessed all those years ago!
But as I watched her listen intently to each beat, I realized that not only was she the only person who truly knew the sound of my heart, but that to her, it was still as recognizably strong as ever! Even after all this time, and even amidst my current brokenness!
As I held her head close to that weary heart of mine, there was no resisting the tears that swept down my cheeks…
I was overwhelmed with gratitude knowing that 
My heart … MY GOD had never failed me!
I was overwhelmed knowing, that even when our hearts are crushed and our spirits are most feeble, that there will always be a part of us, up until our very last breath, that will remain strangely strong! That even when we feel like we can’t endure any longer, that there will always be something alive and thriving deep within us, even still.
Like a soothing lullaby from our creator, each beat makes sweet promises that if He was able to preserve our heart through the pain of the past, that He will indeed sustain it through the paralyzing uncertainty and fear of the future.
While the cruelest hand the world can deal, may succeed in taking every material thing I have worked so hard for… while it can unapologetically and cold-heartedly tear the ones I love from my grasp, and crush every dream that I have fought so courageously for…
There is NO denying
the enduring power,
and undoubtable strength,
of this ever weary heart of mine!

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