Wednesday, May 14, 2014


I wanted to give my little girl personalized wall art. I designed a "Sweet T" picture out of four canvases.  I am very much a stick-man artist so this all had to be traced.  Let me tell you how I did it. :-)

What I used:

  1. The extra paint from the babies room
  2. Blank canvases from Michaels
  3. A projector
  4. A pencil and small paint brushes
  5. Buttons 
  6. Hot glue
What I did:
  1. PREP: I painted all the canvases the lime green color of the shelf and let them dry.
  2. Next, I found a few pictures that I liked on Google.
  3. I then hooked the projector up to my computer and projected the picture onto the canvas.
  4. Then, using pencil, I traced the picture onto the canvas.
  5. I filled in all the pictures with the paint from Baby "T"'s room.
  6. I had to give each picture a few coats of paint.
  7. After the pictures were dry, I added details.
  8. For the "T", I painted the "T" first and once it dried, I hot-glued white buttons all over it. 
The pictures are hard to see but they turned out to be quite adorable and it's a sweet gift that I can give to my sweet "T". :-) - Rejoicing in the Present

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