Monday, May 12, 2014


"It's raining AGAIN."
"My back hurts."
"She said_____________ about me."
"I spilled my Starbucks on the floor this morning before I got a sip."
"My boss ripped me today."

Do we often complain about our many problems to friends and on our Social Media websites? What if you really had a problem? Would you be able to overcome it or would you just simply complain about it?  I love to hear the stories of overcomers.  I love to see the world and the devil defeated.  I love to see how God helps us to overcome.  We really have NOTHING to complain about.  We are so blessed!  Nick V. reminds us of this in a video clip. 

My mom and I had the privilege of seeing Nick at a conference, about 2 years ago. He is still going strong. 

My brother, Daniel Waldschmidt, wrote a book Edgy Conversations about overcoming and achieving success. It gives some great stories and some good how-to strategies.  If you are really struggling with success, pick up the book.  It will give you some insight.

But, also, pick up the Bible.  Your ultimate cheerleader is God.  Yes, we can fight but we need him to fight with us.  I pray that we don't just complain about our struggles, but that we fight, and we fight with the power that God gives.  We overcome. We don't allow anything to hold us back. - Rejoicing in the Present

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