Friday, May 9, 2014

DIY Mobile

I really wanted my baby girl to have a pretty mobile but they were a bit expensive for the use they get. Since, Baby A wasn't using his, I decided to redo his. His mobile had animals to go with his animal theme and since that didn't go with her theme, I redid it. Here is what I did...

What I used:

  1. Previously used mobile
  2. Flowers (from Michaels)
  3. Ribbon
What I did:
  1. PREP: I simply removed the strings that held the animal.
  2. Then I went shopping and  found these adorable flowers at Michaels. They looked like little balls of flowers.
  3. Next I took the stems off and cut ribbon to the length I wanted them to hang.
  4. I threaded the ribbon through the flower balls.
  5. And then I tied knots at the top and hung them. 
  6. I finished by gluing a flower to the top. VOILA!
It was so simple and I'm sure that you could hang about anything from them. You probably could go to a thrift store or garage sale if you don't have an old one mobile. The world is your limit. :-) - Rejoicing in the Present

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