Monday, November 4, 2013

Hold them close!

"If ever there is tomorrow when we're not together... I'll always be with you....If there ever comes a day when we can't be together, keep me in your heart, I'll stay there forever." - A. A. Milne
There is a dear lady in our church, who lost her husband recently.  It was one of those cases where cancer "swept in awares"; a few quick months later he had passed. He was a middle-aged man, as we would say, "to young to die".  His poor wife has lost her best friend and grieves daily for him.  When I read this quote above I immediately thought of her. 

I know that too many days go by where I don't say how grateful I am for my husband and that something could happen today that could take him away. (The Lord gives and the Lord takes) but today I am going to CHOOSE to be grateful for him. 

JT started out as one of my guy-friends.  He was serious about another girl and I had no interest in dating.  We were always close but never romantically interested in each other.  Over a 3-year period, we became very close and knew almost everything about each other.  God eventually closed the door to the JT's serious relationship.  We became best friends and God used that to change our relationship.  By the time JT asked me to date him, I was in "serious LIKE".  Only 3 months after we started dating, JT told me that he had peace about getting married and a month and half later he asked me to marry him.  Why did things move so fast?  Because we were already best friends.  We knew everything about each other. There was no trying to pretend he was something different or that I was.  We KNEW who we were and we loved that. 

NOW I definitely LOVE my husband, but even if the romance went away, I would forever have my best friend. 

Let me tell you about my best friend... JT is good looking. You know the type--tall, dark and handsome.  I know this sounds crazy, BUT to me, NO man is better looking. I  find him so attractive with his wide shoulders, smiling eyes and confident but humble personality.

He loves me.  Can I say anything better?!?  He is the romantic one.  As much as I tease him, he is the one with a kiss on his lips and arms always ready to hug me.  When I am sore he massages my back and neck.  He goes out of his way to do sweet things for me, like making ice cream runs.  In fact, one day, I was sick and so he went to Charming Charlies and bought me a few items to cheer me up.  The care he provides is not like any other.

Probably one my favorite things about JT is that he LOVES his son.  I had an amazing father, one who loved us, played with us, cared for us and talked with us.  I, however, have never in ALL my life seen a father who enjoyed and doted on, yet taught his son, the way that my husband does.  Baby A is a daddy's boy.  Since the day, he was born, A and his dad have always had a very close relationship.  The first smile he gave was to his daddy.  In fact, for most of his 1st year, his favorite person was his daddy (unless he was tired or hungry). When he sees his daddy, he goes flying over to him and wraps his arms around his legs.  JT has always been great with kids, but with his kid, he is EXCELLENT.

Probably the best characteristic is JT's love for God.  JT works full time in the ministry and  to him  it's not a job.  He loves God and lives it out.  Now, we have all heard about hypocrites.  Those who do and say things in one place and act differently at another.  Well, that's not JT.  He has convictions and he holds to those, at home, at work and abroad.  He is who he is everywhere and with everyone.  JT is the real deal!

So today, I want to thank my heavenly father for going ABOVE and BEYOND my expectations in bringing me the man that is perfect for me, my husband and best friend. Thank you for one more day with him. - Rejoicing in my present  

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