Tuesday, November 5, 2013

But a Sinner, Saved by Grace

I am thankful that my husband and I have the wonderful opportunity of being paid to live out our "passion, working in the ministry.  It can be super-exciting, as well as super-discouraging.  At the end of the day I am reminded that I am but a sinner saved by grace.  I am not to be held any higher because of my position, but I do beg prayer from all of you, because being a pastor's wife is a heavily-attacked position.  All in all, I am THANKFUL for this time that God has given us in the ministry 

Recently, I stumbled onto this blog post from satisfactionthroughchrist.  The author, too, is a PW who is reminding us that our children as well as ourselves, need Jesus just as much as everyone else.  We have FAR from "arrived", and especially if you know me and my child, :-) you know we are but sinners and need your prayer.  Please do not put us on a pedestal.  I am a sinner, saved by the grace of God. I think this says it all... - Rejoicing in the Present

Dear Church,

Our kids still need Jesus and so do we.

I'm afraid you might look at our family - the Pastor, his wife, and kids - and think that we've all arrived.  You expect us to be the picture of Jesus for you, but I want you to know that we'll fail you every time.

We're not perfect.  We haven't arrived.  We cling to Jesus daily.

Our kids are no different than yours.  They throw tantrums, tell us "no", make a scene in the grocery store (and at church), don't eat their dinner, and are desperately in need of a Savior.

You see, I fear that just because we're called to bring you the word that you might think that we don't need it ourselves.  As David Platt would say, "we need it for every breath we breathe" and you do, too.

I pray that the way we live our lives is honorable and pleasing to Him, but I know I'm not always holy and blameless.  I argue with my husband and get angry at my kids.  I need Jesus daily and so do you!

You see, I fear that because we've been called into a position of authority that you might think that we live perfect lives; that our sanctification is complete.  Jesus is the only perfect One, let Him be the one you look up to, not me!

When my kids act up in church or I look like I've been run ragged on Sunday morning, just know that we're human too.  Give me a hug and point my kids to Jesus because He's the source of strength we all need.

We teach our kids the scriptures, read them the bible, take them to church, and teach them right from wrong, but the one thing we can't give them is a new heart; only Jesus can do that.

When we stood before you and dedicated them to the Lord you promised to help lead them, too.  They might be PK's, but they need Jesus too!

So promise me that you won't ever look at my family and expect us to be the picture of perfection for you.  Promise me that you won't ever expect something from us that you wouldn't expect for yourself.

And promise that you'll always remember that pastors, their wives, and their kids need Jesus; just like you!

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