Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Guest Blog: Family Night

Growing up, we had Family Night every Friday night and it was one of the highlights of my childhood. We played games mostly but also did other things like go to baseball games and so on.  It was always a blast.  So when I saw this blog post by Beauty Through Imperfection, I had to share.  She gives 6 of her favorite games and some fun facts.  If you don't have a family night, I would encourage you to make time and have one! - Rejoicing in the Present

One of my favorite memories from growing up, is of family game night. They weren’t necessarily a regular thing, but we always had lots of fun playing and competing against one another when whenever we did play.

Family Game night is definitely a tradition we plan on passing along to our kids as they get older. Right now, my husband and I enjoy playing two player board games, and I’ve even written a post sharing our favorites in case you want to try. We play at night after the kids are in bed, since our babies are too young to play a traditional board games quite yet.

I do have a list of a few of our favorite family/group games! I thought I would share a few of those with you today, along with this neat infographic with some facts about some popular games! Can you believe the size of that twister board? Crazy! Click the link to check out a really neat site with tons of family game night ideas! I spent some time on it earlier today, and really enjoyed it!

Graphic Citation

Here are six of our favorites:
Best Games For Family Game Night. Great Christmas Gift Ideas too!Taboo - This is still one of my favorite games. You need at least 4 players and you are split up into teams. You will have a stack of cards with a word at the top that you have to try to get your other team member to guess. BUT there is also a list of several words that you cannot say when trying to communicate the word to your teammate. It is such a challenge, and it can be pretty amusing listening to people try to describe something without using any of the obvious words that would normally be used to talk about it! This was my favorite as a kid, and I still enjoy it now.
Phase 10 Card Game - This was one of my family’s favorite games. It is a card game played with a special deck. You go through 10 phases, with different goals in each phase. If you don’t make your phase by the end of the round you will have to repeat that phase while every one else continues on to the next phase during the next round.
Apples to Apples  - This is one of my husband’s favorite party games. It’s better with lots of people! The more people the crazier it gets. Again, you have a special set of cards with various words on them, in the end you all secretly share one of your card that you feel would be the closest “match” to the word on the card that the dealer chose. The dealer then shuffles through and decides which comparison is the funniest, most serious, craziest etc. They can choose based on any criteria that they wish, which makes it all the more hilarious! The dealer won’t know which card belongs to which person, so he or she is able to choose whichever one makes the most sense in their opinion. The person who’s card is selected gets a point, and you go again!
Agricola - We started playing this one more recently, and we love it! It’s a great two player game, but seems like it would be awesome with multiple players as well. Think FarmVille but as a strategic board game instead of an online one!
Pandemic  This game is so unique because it is cooperative! Instead of playing against each other, you play as a team to beat the game. It’s actually quite a challenge, and it’s neat being able to work together instead of always competing. The goal is to save the world from various diseases that are infecting it. Each player takes on a different role, thinks like “medic” and “research specialist” or “scientist”. Then you take turns working together to cure or eradicate the diseases! Super fun!
The Settlers of Catan - This one was really popular for awhile, and for good reason! This is a great game that definitely keeps you on your toes. You are virtual settlers building roads and settlements and collecting points! We play this pretty frequently with a couple friends and it’s always a great time.
What is your favorite game for family game night?

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