Monday, November 25, 2013

Hi, Father!

Recently, I was on my way home, when a speaker on the radio caught my attention.  She said that she struggled with prayer.  BINGO! – That’s me.  So, she was doing a study on prayer and one chapter really hit home.  This is what she talked about…

 When we see our friends and family, we usually acknowledge them and say “hey” or “hi”.  When we see our neighbors we greet them with a smile and Hi. When we answer the phone we say Hello. We acknowledge people.  So why don’t we acknowledge God?

So for a whole month, she didn’t ask for anything, she just said Hi.  Whenever she thought about God throughout the day, she would say “Hi.”  She just simply acknowledged that He was present and there.

She went on to say that it brought an awareness and intimacy to her relationship that she never had before.

I know personally I run to God with my to-do list and want-list and I barely acknowledge Him.  It really spoke to my heart and I hope speaks to yours as well.  So think about it. When you know He’s there, just say “Hi!” --acknowledge Him today. - Rejoicing in Him

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