Monday, August 5, 2013

Life is short, Rejoice in the present.

As many of you know, I started this blog over a year ago; you can read about why I did it here.  There are days when I am soooooo exhausted, frustrated and I just don't know if I have another ounce of energy BUT then I remember that God gave me another day.  Another day to glorify him, another day to support my husband and love on Baby A.  He has given us a present in each day.  At the end of the day, he closes that present and gives us another one.  We don't want to waste them because we can not go back and reopen them.  One day there will be no more presents on this earth and at that point we will live in eternity.  Where you spend eternity is up to you. 
This was again brought to my attention when I heard about Chad and Courtney Phelps.  Chad was the Youth Pastor at Colonial Hills Baptist.  The Phelps with a bunch of teens were minutes away from home (after returning from Camp CoBeAc) when they crashed.  The Phelps with their unborn child and another adult named Tonya Weindorf went out into Eternity. The news report is below...
fatal church bus crash 1Three people were killed and dozens of others were injured after a bus accident on the city’s northeast side on Saturday, July 27.
Youth Pastor Chad Phelps, his wife Courtney and their unborn child were killed in the accident at 96th Street and Keystone Avenue. Church member, Tonya Weindorf, also lost her life in the crash.
The bus was driving a large group of teenagers and young adults, who were returning to Indianapolis from a church retreat in Michigan.
The cause of the accident at 96th Street and Keystone Avenue is under investigation.

My friend, what are you doing with your present?  God does not owe you another one.  Will you use the one you have for His fullest glory?  Will you use it to bring others to Him?

Please keep Colonial Hills and these families in your prayers. The Phelps had a little boy who now has neither father nor mother.  Please keep him in your prayers.  Also for Tonya's family.  The injuries of the teens and adults on board and the church in general. - Rejoicing in the present.

Ps. There are 2 links below, one for a fundraiser for Chase Phelps and the other for Tonya's Family.

Chase Phelps

Weindorf Family

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