Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Disney Vaca 13 - Quick Service

We had the Quick Service Plan and I would recommend it for EVERYONE, especially if you are staying at a Disney World Resort.  It's a MUST!!!!
  1. Included (daily)
    1. 2 meals with a drink and dessert
      1. entree - average size
      2. dessert - large
      3. drink (bottled)
    2. 1 snack
      1. Anything from popcorn to fruit to ice cream
      2. ... and CANDY!!! This includes the Ghiradelli Store at Downtown Disney and the other candy stores (I must admit I'm a bit obsessed with candy.)
      3. Anything under $5
    3. Most meals were sized fairly well.
  2. Good??? Bad??? OK???
    1. GOOD!  If you are staying at a a resort and eating at the Disney parks, THIS IS A MUST. It will save you $$ and will be the better option.
    2. BAD?? - I didn't really find anything bad, other then there is no meal plan for those under age 3.  Having a baby who loves to eat can be a little frustrating as he wants to eat my food.   But we were given some extra $$$ to supplement the little ones and ourselves if we needed a bite.
  3. Quick - It's all in the name
    1. Because it's quick serve, we didn't have to wait to be served and so it was a lot quicker and there was no waiting around to eat.
  4. Options
    1. A TON...we could ate at a variety of different restaurants and we did! There was something for everyone.

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