Thursday, August 15, 2013

Disney Vaca '13 - Magic Kingdom

If you go to Orlando, you must go to the Disney parks.  They are expensive but a lot of fun.  These parks are great for the whole family and are a must for anyone with children.  I won't go into a lot of detail but I will give you a few apps and websites to help you through these fun YET stressful park days. 

Here are some apps that might help your experience...
  1. my-disney-experience/mobile-apps/
    1. This gives you lots of information
  2. Touring Plans - This one is REALLY COOL
    1. We created Lines to figure out where to go and what to do during your Disney vacation. No other app – even Disney’s official app – gives you as much unbiased advice about the Walt Disney World parks.
    2. See FASTPASS And Character Greeting Times That Disney Doesn't Tell You

    3. Menus and Prices for Every Disney World Restaurant

    4. Pick The Best Disney World Parks To Visit - Avoid The Worst. We'll give you the next ten days of our Disney World Crowd Calendar and tell you which parks will be the least and most crowded. We also list Disney World park hours, Extra Magic Hour schedules, and parade and fireworks times
Other Helps and websites...
  1. 2. 101 Great Disney World Tips - When visiting Walt Disney World, there are a lot of things that can save you time and money, or improve the quality of your vacation. Here are 101 random tips based upon our experiences in years of traveling to Walt Disney World. Some of the things are simple and easy to–like standing in a different spot than you normally might for the parade or fireworks. Other things require a bit more effort, but will similarly make the trip more enjoyable. There’s really no rhyme or reason to the order, it’s basically just what popped into my head as I started writing the list. If you’re looking for Disneyland tips, check out our 101 Great Disneyland Tips post.
    Not all of these tips will be applicable to everyone (if you’re already married, the tip on proposing probably won’t be of much use), but there should be something for everyone here. Whether you’re a first time planner or a weathered veteran who still has nightmare-flashbacks to that Castle Cake of ’96, there are tips for you here.

    2. Mouse Hints - Check out this website  - Here is a collection of the best Disney World tips, gathered into one clear and concise list. We going to keep this page updated as tips roll in from readers!  If you have any tips that we missed, please share below.

    3. Mouse Savers - I've heard GREAT things about this website.

    There is so much information out there, that I really can't add much.  Take the time and leave a comment about your experience to Disney.  - Rejoicing in the present.

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