Monday, December 17, 2012

Ideas to Keep Christ the main part of CHRISTmas

Being a parent, I want my little boy to know that Christmas is not about waking up early on Christmas Day, tearing into presents and eating a big yummy meal. No, I want Avery to know that Christmas is about a God, who loved us so much that he put on the clothing of a human and became a baby boy so that he could one day give his life for us and this all started at his birth.

So I asked some Christian moms how they kept Christ central in their lives. I wasn't planning to share this but the ideas were soooooooooooo good that I just had to. Here they are:
J.B. - We have a nativity set (wood) the kids can play with and the kids love it when I get it out.  They help act out the Christmas story with the nativity set.  We do a different scene each night. We also do a share-the-joy night--take a night and go caroling at a nursing home, taking homemade cards with you to give away. The kids love it and so do the older people! You can make cards together on a night before you go out . We also do a share-the-joy night for our teens at church. They each bring $5 that they earned themselves (can't just ask mom for it) and then we give them certain ages to buy for. We take the van/bus to Wal-Mart, split up in groups and give them 20 minutes to buy presents and be back on the bus. Then we go back to the church, wrap them, get back on the bus and drive to the family's house that the presents were bought for! At the house, they carol and hand out their presents. It is the best attended teen night of the year!

V. W. - We grew up working on a bus route with my dad as the captain.  Every Christmas we would help out at least 10 or more of those families struggling financially by bringing them a ham dinner basket--ham, canned green beans, potatoes, rolls and whatever else! it was so neat to see them light up and to make their Christmas a little better

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